Universal Health Coverage (CMU) in Senegal: A Profitable Solution for the Improvement of Health and Productivity

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Diagne, S.
Sylla, F. N.
Henov, K. C.
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African Economic Research Consortium
Difficulties in accessing health care services constitute a major challenge being experienced by Senegal’s government. One of the main reasons behind the difficulty in accessing healthcare services is the low coverage in regard to access to universal healthcare. It is for this reason that the government put in place the Universal Healthcare coverage programme (CMU) in order to allow its vulnerable citizens to access health insurance services. Despite the efforts undertaken, more than 50% of the citizens remain uncovered. The actual coverage rate of the programme has been calculated at 49% whereas the government targeted to cover 75% of the population by 2019. The government must pursue effort to allow for a higher number of people to benefit from a health insurance cover. This study examines the expected results of the programme in place in terms of improving access to healthcare services as well as profitability