Growing Apart and Falling Together: The Growing South African Story

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Ngepah, Nicholas
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African Economic Research Consortium
Persistently high poverty and inequality compounded by increasing episodes of economic shocks, have been identified as a significant development issue, jeopardizing future poverty reduction efforts in post-apartheid South Africa. Despite relatively robust economic growth, poverty reduction has been slow, prompting a debate about the relationship between economic growth and poverty reduction. While economic growth is often seen as a key driver of poverty reduction, the relationship is complex and multifaceted, requiring further investigations, especially in the current context of rampant economic shocks. Economic growth alone is insufficient to reduce poverty significantly. The poor are vulnerable during economic downturns and require targeted policies. Existing social programs are helpful but insufficient The South African government has undertaken various programs to cushion the burden of poverty on the poor. These are among others, social grants, free healthcare and education services.