Inventory of Socio Economic Land Data in Madagascar

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Land governance is needed to develop agriculture, protect environment, and ensure peace and security. It can improve the quality of life and well-being of the population. Finding concrete evidence upon which to base land policy requires the availability of accurate and up to date data and information on land. Therefore, an inventory of socio-economic land data has been carried out and strategies have been developed. Following stakeholders’ interviews and literature review on land in Madagascar, the aim is to inform decision-makers on policy measures that can improve these data and their accessibility. Socio economic data exist but are very scattered and are not updated. Most of them are stored on paper. Moreover, archiving is not compliant with standards. While statistics can be accessed, the data bases are inaccessible. Although the Observatory of Land (OATF) should ensure the management of most of socio-economic land data, conditions of accessibility depend rather on donors who finance the studies and surveys. Because of these problems, policy measures should consist of improving the quality of socio-economic land data and facilitating their accessibility.