Support Programmes for Youth Employment and Employability in the Job Sectors in Senegal

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Dumas, Tsambou André
Diallo, Thierno Malick
Benjamin, Fomba Kamga
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African Economic Research Consortium
The issue of youth employment remains a major concern in Senegal. In recent years, the country has implemented several programmes aimed at combating unemployment and the precariousness of youth employment on the labour market. However, the results of those programmes are yet to be noticed. The aim of the present study is to assess the impact of employment support programmes on the integration of young men and young women into sectors of activity with a high capacity for quality job creation. The study has four specific objectives. The first objective is to identify the sectors of activity in which young people are employed most, based on data from national surveys on living conditions and employment in Senegal. The second is to analyse the quality of jobs held by the youth in the sectors where they are most employed, taking into consideration the level of visible and invisible underemployment and the degree of job security and stability. The third is to construct a composite index of job quality and to determine the sectors of activity most likely to provide quality jobs, by correcting for potential selection bias. The fourth is to use the propensity score matching method to assess the impact of employment support programmes on the youth's access to sectors of activity that offer quality jobs, based on survey data on the improvement of employment policies conducted in 2018 among 2,746 individuals in Senegal.