Impact of School Quality on Schooling and Child Labour in Selected Zones of Ivory Coast

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Edouard, Abou Pokou
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African Economic Research Consortium
The fight against child labour is a challenge for policy makers in developing countries. The objective of this study is to find other policies to reduce child labour. Thus, this research shows the effect of school quality on schooling and child labour in Ivory Coast. Primary data from the local survey on child labour and education policies in 2010 collected from a sample of 750 households and 1,338 children with support from PASRES were used. The estimation of two models (Heckman selection model and bivariate probit model) indicates that the presence of canteen and electricity in the school significantly increases the probability of schooling for children and reduces the probability of their work. Thus, policy makers in addressing child labour need to focus on improving the learning environment for children by focusing on the construction of school canteens and electrification of schools from disadvantaged backgrounds.