From Brain Drain to Skills Gain: Policy Recommendations for the Successful Integration of Return Migrants in Senegal

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Diallo, M.A
Diallo, S. CRES.
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African Economic Research Consortium
Senegal is one of the sub-Saharan African countries that has the highest number of emigrants. In 2019, out of a population of close to 16 million people, 640 thousand people that were born in Senegal, lived in another country, of which 45% were to be found in Africa, and 48% in Europe. The main factor that influences migration is the search for better standards of living and employment; wages, social security and employment opportunities being drivers for migration. A focus on Economic issues related to return migrants is important for two reasons: The first is that a significant number of return migrants (37%) consider migrating once more just six months after their return to Senegal. The second is that there are very few studies on the subject. This policy brief aims to fill this gap by examining the impact of return migration on professional insertion in Senegal.