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    (AERC, 2021-03-18) African Economic Research Consortium
    This course is aimed at providing students with an in-depth analysis of international economics by relating the topics to the conditions in Africa. The course has the following objectives: • To offer an up to date overview of the theory of international trade. International trade covers the reasons for trade and explanation of trade patterns and the gains accruing from trade or from restricting trade. These are core areas and call for extensive coverage. Linked to this core are a number of specific issues which must also be studied: increasing returns and trade; trade policy; international factor movements; growth and trade; income distribution and trade; economic integration; multinational enterprises; and ‘North-south’ issues. Empirical evidence supplements the theoretical treatment. The empirical evidence mainly focuses on Africa. The European Union (EU), World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) are institutionally involved in trade policy issues and their major concerns are included in the subjects to be studied.