An analysis of the Impact of Land Tenure Security on Agricultural Productivity in Burkina Faso

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Coulibaly, Doubahan Adeline
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African Economic Research Consortium
This article examines the impact of land tenure security on agricultural productivity in Burkina Faso through a two-stage approach, using data from the Permanent Agricultural Survey (EPA) of the agricultural campaign (2011/2012) of the Ministry of Agriculture. First, productivity scores are calculated using the scholastic frontier method, then an interval regression model is used which combines the endogenous variable with an endogenous treatment variable to estimate the impact of land tenure on agricultural productivity. This method allows us to specifically cater for the double censorship of the levels of productivity and the endogeneity of land tenure security . The analyses show that, on average, farmers in Burkina Faso are not efficient (0.408). The results demonstrate that land tenure security has a positive and significant impact on agricultural production of farms in Burkina Faso to the order of 0.661. This impact could be explained through the adoption of water and soil conservation techniques. The direct impact of land tenure security on productivity is to the order of 0.308.
Land tenure security, agricultural productivity, Burkina Fas , agricultural productivity, , Burkina Faso