Implications of Climate Mitigation Measures for Poverty and Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa: Framework for Multiple Country Research Study

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Hassan, Rashid Mekki
Mabugu, Ramos
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African Economic Research Consortium
This research report developed a framework for studying the implications of climate mitigation measures for poverty and inequality (P&I) in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The framework paper undertook a comprehensive survey of relevant literature to examine how much attention has been given in climate mitigation science and policy analysis to aspects of P&I. The paper then proposed an analytical framework and empirical methodology for conducting multi-country investigations of the P&I implications of the various climate mitigation policy measures introduced or proposed at national and global scales. The paper mapped the main channels through which climate mitigation measures get transmitted or mediated to P&I impacts. Mediation analysis enables identification of appropriate methods to measure and evaluate the merits of alternative mitigation policy measures. Approaches that can be used to model and quantify the impacts of climate mitigation on P&I were presented. The paper concluded with proposing datasets to use and suggesting a pilot case studies’ approach that can be followed. To guide selection of countries to conduct studies that will be implementing the analytical framework and empirical methods proposed, the paper examined the extent to which SSA countries have participated in global and regional climate mitigation initiatives. The results indicate that while all countries in SSA ratified major climate mitigation agreements, the degree of participation varies significantly between the different protocols. The largest amount of funding to mitigation in SSA came from the International Emissions Trading instruments, exceeding US$ 57 billion in 2018. The results obtained from implementing the framework for the selected countries are expected to inform the design of climate mitigation measures that aim to maximize co-benefits and avoid negative P&I outcomes.
Mitigation Policy, , Africa, , Poverty and Inequality