Disruptive Technologies, Agricultural Productivity and Economic Performance in Kenya

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Onsomu, Eldah
Munga, Boaz
Munene, Boniface
Macharia, John
Nyabaro, Violet
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Kenya is at the forefront of technological innovations and is often referred to as the ‘Silicon Savannah’ of Africa. Disruptive technologies in Kenya comprise of fast internet connectivity, ICT infrastructure investments, value-added services, mobile money, and mobile banking services, among others. Kenya's ICT sector, therefore, remains a key enabler to economic growth, resilience and overall economic performance across counties. Disruptive technologies in agriculture consisted of digital and technical innovations that enable farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs to leap from current methods to increase their productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness, thereby facilitating access to markets, improving nutritional outcomes, and enhancing resilience to climate change while contributing to sustained economic growth. Disruptive technologies have the potential to help address the inequality challenge. Adoption of disruptive technologies, including use of innovations in the context of modern methods of farming, has contributed to improved farm productivity, marketing and incomes. The study established a positive correlation between fertilizer use and agricultural productivity. This is because small scale producers, when exposed to relevant on-farm training, benefit more from the innovation, including use of fertilizers and certified seed. The use of manufactured feed is gaining traction in commercial intensive production systems such as poultry and had a positive and significant effect on productivity.