Course Outline: Agricultural Project Planning and Management

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African Economic Research consortium
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This course seeks to provide a practical overview on strategic agricultural investment planning as well as planning,implementation, management and evaluation of agricultural projects. The course will give the learners the requisite skills for understanding the mechanisms for channeling national and international development assistances via investment in developing countries in order to promote agricultural and rural development. Although projects are virtually in every sector of the economy, it is expected that there will be a bias on agricultural projects. However, the concepts and skills which are to be taught to the students will be applicable to any project in any sector of the economy. Specifically, the course seeks to fulfil the following objectives: • Understand the concept of agricultural projects cycle within the national development plans and be equipped with skills for project preparation, analysis and management of project risks and uncertainties; • Understand the processes for strategic planning and be able to reflect on its application to some agricultural development investment projects in Africa; • Facilitate the knowledge of the students on the procedures of agricultural development project management; • Equip the learners with requisite skills for engaging in agricultural project design using some logical framework analytical procedures; • Enhance the skills of the students for using some proven financial indicators for selecting among different agricultural development projects; • Promote the understanding of the learners on the use of some economic indicators to select development projects; • Expose students to the development and effective application of various concepts e.g. CPM and PERT in project implementation; • Facilitate the understanding of the learners on the monitoring and evaluation of agricultural development projects through clear knowledge of the M&E level, typologies, indicators and approaches; • Develop the analytical and computational skills of students on the different procedures for evaluating the impact of agricultural development projects; and • Promote the knowledge of the learners on the processes for agricultural research planning.