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    (AERC, 2021-03-18) African Economic Research Consortium
    The main purpose of the course is to equip students of knowledge required in research. It begins with how a research area is identified, information required is gathered and techniques and computing/analytical skills to enable them to be proficient their research agenda. This course is designed to take the students through the various aspects of research methods and computing/analytical skills that are essential for successful research. Research methods are widely accepted as a means of analyzing available information to provide the conclusions and empirical regularities that can be used for decision making and policy formulation. In this recognition, the course is designed to introduce and shape towards the frontier analytical methods and ingredients that make a competent researcher. A competent researcher in economics must have an understanding of statistical theory, (to enable sampling and sampling designs), economic theory, a variety of computing and analytical techniques to handle data required in the research process, interpret and report the research findings.